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State Of The Art PGD with Gender Selection in Cancun, Mexico

What is This About?

IVF Gender Selection in Cancun MexicoGender selection improves the odds of having a desired gender. We use PGD to separate X and Y chromosomes within the sperm. When we know  the cell structure and DNA of the embryo, we can determine the sex. Then, we implant the Embryos of the desired gender in the  mother’s uterus using IVF.

Our IVF team uses preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to find abnormalities, so we can rule out potential threats like inherited diseases.

Cost of PGD with Gender Selection in Cancun, Mexico is $4000

Are There Benefits?

  • Choose the gender of your child
  • Lower prices
  • Ruling out potential diseases

What Do You Get?

  • Advanced infertility care, close to home
  • Medical fee
  • Capacitation

Our Packages Include:

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